Traveling to Costa Rica during Covid

Imagine yourself walking the beach without a care in the world. The sunshine on your shoulders and the seawater on your feet, both providing healthy doses of minerals and vitamin D. Thoughts of the pandemic seem a world away.

You walk off the beach, past the scuba diving and fishing boats, and decide you’re getting a little hungry. You want to try that open-air restaurant on the beach. You wash your hands first but it’s no big deal, after all, that’s just good hygiene!

After lunch, you drive to the grocery store to get a few things before heading back to the luxurious condo you’ve rented for your trip. At the store, you simply use some alcohol gel or wash your hands and pop on your mask before entering. Don’t worry! The sunshine and fresh air are there to greet you when you walk back outside.

Other than that, Covid doesn’t play much of a part in your fabulous beach vacation! You don’t need a Covid test to enter Costa Rica; you simply need proof of health insurance for your stay. Your rental vehicle is exempt from any driving restrictions and your tour operator is free to move about as usual. National Parks and tourist attractions are open, most restaurants are
open-air and the recently opened land border even offers you the opportunity to take a day trip to Nicaragua.

Even though North Americans face ever-evolving new travel restrictions, it doesn’t mean travel is impossible. In fact, traveling to a small but progressive country like Costa Rica may be easier than you think. The only real restrictions that come into play will be upon your return home.

Canada and the United States both currently require proof of a negative covid test prior to boarding. While Canadians seem to be facing more stringent measures, the U.S. seems to be easing some of their rules regarding covid and travel. And don’t be concerned with the availability of Covid testing. It comes as a surprise to many visitors that there are several local medical clinics that offer both PCR-RT and Antigen tests. There’s even a large testing facility right at the airport!

While the restrictions in place have added a few extra steps to your regular travel itinerary, we are confident that once your feet hit the sand it will be well worth your while! We encourage guests to stay up to date with Costa Rica’s entry requirements by visiting
Also, be sure to check the requirements for your home country to ensure an easy return.